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Non-Coaching Staff / Volunteers

Sunset Youth Football is completely comprised of parents and community members who generously volunteer their time and talents to help make our organization a success. It takes a lot of people power to make SYF hum along and we need you to lend a hand in order for our season to be a success.

We ask each family to make a contribution to help out.

What can I do to help?

Team Chain Gang Member
Do you want on-field access for your child's game? You can help us by marking downs during away games. Two hours per game. (Tell your child's coach once teams have been divided that you'd like to help.)

Team Videographer
Coaches find it invaluable to review their games on video. This helps them evaluate what their team is doing right and where they can improve. If you have a video camera and want to let out your inner ESPN cameraman, here's your chance. Two hours per week. (Tell your child's coach once teams have been divided that you'd like to help.)

Team Weigh-Master
Each team needs a parent to weigh in the players from the visiting team prior to the game. If you bring your child to the field, you're there already, so this is the job for you! This is a good job for two parents to share. Weigh-in starts one hour prior to game time. (Tell your child's coach once teams have been divided that you'd like to help.)

instructions for TACKLE volunteer staff / game day crew


  • These steps apply to anyone that will be on sidelines during the game. Examples: Weigh-Master, Play Tracker, Team-Mom, Chain Gang, Videographer (if on sidelines).


  • Volunteer Staff Registration:  HERE


  • Once Registration is complete, TVYFL will email user a link to Background Check. 
  • Background Checks on average take ~2 Weeks
  • Both user and Sunset Youth Football will automatically receive the Background Check Results. 
  • To submit reimbursement for the Background Check fee, please email our Treasurer Dave Henry HERE


  • During the background check flow, user will be prompted to take the Abuse preventive Training.
  • Once all steps are complete, SYF will automatically receive pass/fail results.




Here are the steps to become a Weigh Master!

STEP 1: Complete Volunteer Staff Registration Above

STEP 2: Train to become a Weigh Master & Take the Quiz!

STEP 3: Send SYF Registrar email that Quiz is complete 100% Score